Adding a Co-Teacher

How can I add a co-teacher, tutor, or administrator to my class?

Students can connect to multiple teachers. The fastest and easiest way for teachers to link to existing student accounts is to have the students link to you directly. The next time the students log in, they will need to navigate to the "My Teachers" page and enter your email address and click "Invite." They’ll appear on your “My Classes” page as a “Pending Student Invitation” and can then be sorted into the appropriate class. Please ensure that you’ve created and titled at least one class prior to students linking to you.

They can also enter your classcode, and they’ll then be automatically sorted directly into that class.


We’d be happy to help connect you to those existing accounts manually. In order to comply with FERPA and COPPA guidelines, we need authorization from either an administrator, the students’ previous teacher, or a Data Manager for your school or district. Once we receive that authorization, we can quickly link those existing accounts to your teacher account.

Please find the linked document to send over to the appropriate contact in your school.

Authorization Form