Archiving Old Accounts and Setting Up New Accounts

Learn how to remove old students from your account and set up new student accounts.

Cleaning Up Old Accounts

While ReadTheory does not have an official way to archive old accounts, you can re-title your old classes in order to make room for your new classes!

On the "My Classes" page, click the three-dot icon next to the desired class and then choose "Edit". You should now be able to edit the title of your class to something like "Archive 2021". Once complete, you'll still have access to those students' information and be able to control the passwords and progress on their accounts.

If you wish to sever your connection to former students, navigate to that class's page to view your list of students in that class. Using the top checkbox you can select all students and then click "Stop Tracking" to sever your link to them. The students will still have access to the accounts, but you'll no longer be able to view their progress.

Setting Up New Accounts

You can check out our guide video on setting up your classes here.

There are a number of ways to create student accounts in our system, including a classcode option. If you are a google school, the fastest way will be option 3 listed below. Otherwise, option 2 is very fast. Option 4 is the best to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It's up to you!

If a student's username or email comes up as "taken" in our system, the student likely previously had a ReadTheory account. We recommend simply using alternative information for those students. Email is always optional when setting up standard student accounts.

1. You can input the information yourself. The benefit of this is that our system will send you pre-filled log-in cards for your students and you'll have them as an easy record of usernames and passwords. If you make the students' usernames and emails both match their gmail address, they'll be able to use google sign-in. Navigate to this page to be walked through the whole process:

2. Students can create their own accounts. On the "Sign Up" page, there will be spot for them to enter a class code. Your class code for each class can be found on the "My Classes" page in your teacher account. You'll need to create a class title in order to see a class code.

Entering that code will connect them to your account and sort them into that class. They can do this when creating the account or from the "My Teachers" page in their account.

3. Students can create their own accounts using "Sign Up With Google". They'll then be able to log in using their existing username and password form their google/student ID account. In this scenario, students will connect to you once they've logged in. They will need to navigate to the "My Teachers" page (located in the drop-down menu on the top-right of their screen) and enter their full name and then your email address (the one linked to your teacher account) or the classcode.

4.) Download and input your students' information on this .csv form. You can then upload the .csv yourself by selecting the class you have created and choosing "Add Students" . Import via .csv will be an option in the top right. If you run into issues, we'll create the accounts on your behalf as soon as you email the .csv back to us at You can also check out our .CSV Import Guide video.