Deleting Old Student Accounts & Classes

The school year is over/a student is no longer enrolled in my class, how do I remove the student and/or the class?

You may wish to remove students from your roster who are no longer in your class. To do this, navigate to your "My Students" page, select the 3 dots next to the student you wish to disconnect from, and click "Stop Tracking". This won't delete their accounts, but it will sever the link between their account and yours. This will allow you to have a fresh start for the new school year. If any of your students are going to still be with you, you can choose to not click "Stop Tracking" to preserve your access to their account and their data.

To delete a class from your list of classes, navigate to the "My Classes" page, click the three-dot button and then click "Delete" for the class you wish to remove. Student accounts will still be connected to you, but that class group/title will be removed.

If you would like any student accounts fully purged from our system please contact us at with the account details.